JTS Online FAQs

  1. What programmes of study are offered online?

    Currently persons may choose to do any one of the following programmes at JTS as an Online student:

    • Certificate in Leadership & Ministry
    • Associate Degree in Leadership & Ministry
    • Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Emphasis in Leadership & Ministry)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Emphasis in Guidance & Counseling)
    • Bachelor of Theology (Emphasis in Biblical Studies)
    • Bachelor of Social Work
    • Bachelor of Arts in Guidance & Counseling
    • Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (Emphasis in Biblical Studies or Guidance & Counselling)
  2. Who is eligible / allowed to take online courses at JTS?

    Anyone who has applied to JTS and has met the academic and technical requirements for entry into a programme is eligible to take courses with JTS Online.

  3. How can I matriculate into a programme?

    The matriculation requirements for any JTS Online degree programme are the same as those for the traditional degree programmes, i.e. a minimum of five (5) CXCs inclusive of English Language and Mathematics. For more details regarding the requirements for specific degree programmes, persons can visit our website at www. jts.edu.jm.

  4. What are the technical requirements to do a course online?

    Persons who are desirous of taking one or more courses online should ensure that they meet certain basic technical requirements. In addition to having a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Power Point, being able to send and receive emails as well as attach documents, persons should own a computer that meets the following basic standards:

    • Windows 7 or later or Apple
    • At least 2GB of RAM
    • Ability to read a CD
    • Reliable internet access
    • Internet speed should be 100 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload
    • An updated version of a one of the popular web browsers. However, JTS Online recommends that students use Mozilla Firefox as their browser of choice when using the JTS Online portal
    • Word Processing Software capable of reading and producing Microsoft Word formatted documents (.doc/.docx) 
    • Presentation Software capable of viewing and presenting Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
    •  Latest version of Adobe Reader
    • Microphone to facilitate speaking during live webinar sessions on the portal. Ensure the microphone is of a high quality, since a bad microphone produces bad audio quality
    • Video camera to facilitate viewing during live webinar sessions. A webcam or a DV camera must be connected to your computer for these sessions. Ensure the camera is of a high quality since a low quality camera produces bad video quality
  5. Can persons wanting to do a course or two online just for enrichment be allowed to do that?

    Yes, persons can choose to audit a course for enrichment purposes. However, you will still be required to meet the basic academic requirements for entry and go through the application process. To audit a course simply means that the student will participate in the course and have full access to everything but will not be required to complete the assignments. As such a course that has been audited cannot be used for credit later on.

  6. As a JTS student registered in a traditional degree programme, am I allowed to do any of my courses online and if so how many?

    Yes, current JTS students already registered in a traditional degree programme are allowed to take one or more of their courses online in a given semester. However, these students should ensure that the number of online credits pursued over the duration of their programme does not exceed 20% of the total number of credits of the programme they are registered in.

  7. Is the entire degree programme online or will I be required to come in for classes as well?

    None of the JTS Online programmes are entirely online. Persons accepted to pursue an academic programme with JTS Online will be required to do a maximum of 80% of their credits online while doing at least 20% on campus.

  8. When will I be required to come on campus?

    On campus classes for Online students will be scheduled for each summer of the duration of a programme. These classes will take the form of two week intensive modules (all-day classes) with assignments and course work due later in the summer. Due to the nature of these classes online students are strongly encouraged to organize their time so that they are able to be on campus for the full duration of the summer modules. Students who live out of town or are from other countries can make arrangements with the Office of Student Affairs and the Accounts Department for on campus accommodations during this time period.

  9. What time of day will I be required to be online for my classes?

    JTS Online is very flexible and students will have access to their courses at any time of day. However, based on the nature of a specific course, there may be times that a lecturer will require all the students in his/her class to meet online at a given time. More likely than not this will be in the evening hours and will be set based on discussions with the students. All lecturers will have office hours as well during which time they are available to meet online with students, by appointment.

  10. Will exams be done online?

    Yes. Online courses that have exams will be done online.

  11. How long is a degree programme?

    The duration of a programme varies based on the specific programme that a student is doing. However, in general the online degree programmes, which are based on a part-time schedule, run for five (5) years.

  12. When does the semester begin and how long is it?

    The semesters begin in August and January of each academic year and new students can begin their programme at these times. Each semester lasts for approximately 17 weeks – 14 weeks of teaching and 2 weeks for the exam period with 1 week for exam preparation.

  13. What are the costs associated with doing a JTS programme online?

    Online students are required to pay their fees at the beginning of each semester. The costs to be covered for each semester include tuition and an auxiliary fee which covers charges such as the technology fee, library fees and JAMCOPY Fees (JAMCOPY gives students the right to use and copy published materials) among other minor administrative costs. It should be noted that the Auxiliary fee is an annual fee which is paid once each year.

  14. How is the tuition calculated?

    The tuition that students pay each semester is dependent on the number of credits that they will be taking. On average an online student will take 12 credits during the August and January semesters and 6 credits during the summer module. For the specific costs persons can visit our website at www.jts.edu.jm  or contact our Accounts Department.

  15. Are text books included in the cost of a course?

    Text books are not included in the cost of each course and students are required to source their text books on their own.

  16. Can I source funding through the Student’s Loan Bureau (SLB) for JTS Online programmes?

    Unfortunately, persons are not currently able to source funding through SLB for our JTS Online programmes. This is as a result of the fact that these programmes are not yet accredited by UCJ. However, students can seek funding through other means such as credit unions, banks and other lending institutions. From time to time the Seminary may also have scholarships available.

  17. Are the online programmes accredited by UCJ?

    The JTS Online Programmes have not yet been accredited by UCJ. This is due to the fact that these programmes are fairly new and there is a process that both JTS and UCJ have to go through in order for these programmes to be accredited. It should be noted however, that the online programmes are the same programmes that are offered face-to-face at JTS and which are currently accredited. In many cases we have the same lecturers who teach face-to-face also teaching the online courses and measures are put in place to ensure the same high standards are maintained.

  18. How do I go about applying to JTS for the online programme?

    Persons can apply online or pick up an application form from our Admissions Department. When completing the form simply choose the Online option when asked about the Mode of Study.

  19. Will I be required to do any entry tests or exams?

    Yes, there is an entrance English exam which all applicants to JTS will be required to do. The Admissions Department will inform persons of the date of this exam.

  20. Who can I ask if I have more questions about the online programme?

    You can simply send an email to the Admissions Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them at 876-614-1244 or 876-969-8211.


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