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  JTS-Lifevantage Alumni Fundraiser    

 Members of the alumni have found out about "the most extraordinary, therapeutic, and preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine," and how, through this, the alumni and JTS supporters can help raise funds for the school and its students.

As JTS pursues expanding the face of this institution to offer additional academic programs, the financial demands have significantly increased and many efforts at raising funds to counteract these demands have been unsuccessful. Recently, a JTS alumnus, Maxine Christie-Wiggan, presented an opportunity to raise funds for the school via a residual source of income through a publicly-traded company called LifeVantage, with which she is affiliated. Together, with another alumnus, Cleve Lawrence, an account and distributorship have been created for JTS and everything is in place to make this successful.

LifeVantage is the leader in Nutrigenomics, Nrf 1, and Nrf2 Technologies, scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress/free radical damage at the cellular level. Washington State University, upon conducting its research, has labelled this as “the most extraordinary, therapeutic, and preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine.

The company currently operates in 10 countries with projections for expansion to more locations over the next few years. The 10 countries are: USA, Canada, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, and Thailand.   

As members of the JTS Alumni or supporters of the institution, living in any of these countries, you can assist. Any part you play automatically contributes to the ongoing, residual income for JTS and its students through this scientifically proven means of improving your health and that of your family and friends. You can accomplish this by (1) becoming a Preferred Customer, committing to purchasing and using one or more of the company’s products each month or (2) becoming a Distributor, thereby earning an income through this very intriguing opportunity. Each option will automatically generate an ongoing residual income for JTS.

Please view this very brief video, www.lifebiohacked.com then call or What’s App Maxine at 407-575-5683 or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Maxine, or a member of the team, will answer your questions and provide additional information about getting started. We look forward to your support.


About us

Since 1960 our school, the Jamaica Theological Seminary, has been at the forefront of providing quality education to students both locally and internationally. Alumni presently hold a Certificate, Diploma or Degree which is held in high esteem the world over. In addition their education and interactions at JTS has prepared and enabled them to take on varying careers and leadership roles in their own spheres of influence. We want this great tradition to continue and we believe that our graduates have a vital role to play in this.

The JTS Alumni Association was re-launched on Saturday, June 16, 2007 and an Executive Council elected. We want to have a strong Alumni Association and urge JTS graduates to become a part of this exciting mission as we partner with God to change the world. Our objectives include:

  • To unite graduates in order to facilitate relationship building, networking and continued collaboration
  • To provide a ‘voice’ for our graduates in the administration of the Seminary
  • To promote the growth and development of the institution and its population viz., staff and students.
  • To facilitate outreach, community involvement and missions
  • To positively impact the Seminary, the nation and the world

We have put together an exciting package for our alumni members which include:

  • Discounts to Seminary events
  • Assistance with obtaining official transcripts
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities

And the best is yet to come!! Lots of great and exciting things are ahead – get on board, join today.


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