Board,Faculty & Staff

Board Members

  • Mr. Linroy Marshall Board Chairman
  • Dr. Garnett Roper Director
  • Rev. Peter Spencer Director
  • Dr. Thelora Reynolds Director
  • Rev. Dr. Sam Green Director 
  • Rev. Dr. Lenworth Anglin Director 
  • Mrs. Rosemarie Scott Staff Representative
  • Rev. Rennard White Ex-Officio
  • Rev. Donold Webley Ex-Officio
  • Dr. Margaret Barnett Director
  • Mrs. Sonia Beaton-Bogle Director
  • Mr. Elon Beckford Director
  • Ms. Tonelle Beecher Director
  • Mrs. Paula Blake Powell Director
  • Mr. Robert Linton Director
  • SSP Millicent Sproul-Thomas Alumni Representative
  • Ms. Jaredine Cole Student Representative

Seminary Administrative Committe (SAC)

  • Dr. Garnett Roper President Profile [+]
  • Dr. Winston Thompson Vice President
  • Cecelia Spencer Head Librarian
  • Rev. Arlene Holding Director, Recruitment & Admissions
  • Shana-Gay Smith IT Manager
  • Mrs. Annette Balfour Chief Accountant
  • Cammaleta Harrison Registrar
  • Martin Heath Maintenance Manager

Office of the President

  • Dr. Garnett Roper President Profile [+]
  • Dr. Winston Thompson Vice President

Faculty and Staff

Heads of Department & Full-Time Faculty

  • Dr. Winston Thompson Vice President
  • Erica Campbell Head of Department, Humanities Profile [+]
  • Barrington Hall Head of Department,Biblical & Theological Studies Profile [+]
  • Blossom White Head of Department, Sociology & Social Work Profile [+]
  • Dr. Angella Worges Head of Department,Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Geraldine Garwood Fulltime Faculty–Behavioural and Social Sciences Profile [+]
  • Rev. Dr. Lenworth Anglin Practicum Coordinator–Pastoral Ministries
  • Tamara Vassell Practicum Coordinator–Social Work
  • Levine Morgan Practicum Coordinator–Guidance and Counselling


  • Dr. Winston Thompson Vice President
  • Sandra Goulbourne Admin Assistant

Music & Media Department

  • Michael Leslie Music & Media Profile [+]

Adjunct Lecturers

  • Joan L. Pinkney Adjunct Lecturer Profile [+]
  • Dr. Carlton Dennis Lecturer of Greek
  • Dr. Dennis Kelly Department of Humanities
  • Rev. Dr. Dylan Toussaint Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Rev. Albert West Biblical and Theological Studies

Department of Enrollment and Administrative Services

  • Rev. Arlene Holding Director, Recruitment & Admissions (DOA)
  • Mark Auguste Assistant to DOA
  • Cammaleta Harrison Registrar
  • Keefa Green Registrar's Assistant
  • Keisha King Assistant Registrar
  • Angela Daniels Circulation Desk Receptionist
  • Loraine Green Registrar's Assistant
  • Keino Thompson Registrar's Assistant

Office of Student Affairs

  • Juanita Goode Deputy Director, OSA

Accounts Department


  • Mrs. Annette Balfour Chief Accountant
  • Shevaughn Murphy Assistant Accountant
  • Michele Brown Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Charmaine Mullings Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Trishan Leith Accounts Payable Clerk


Information Technology Department

  • Shana-Gay Smith IT Manager
  • Ramon Powell IT Officer

JTS Online

  • Claudia Williams Online Coordinator


  • Cecelia Spencer Head Librarian
  • Rosemarie Scott Asst. Head Librarian
  • Damian Beezer Docu-Centre Clerk
  • Keith Williams Docu-Centre Clerk
  • Ryan Brown Library Staff
  • Suzette Balfour Library Staff


  • Martin Heath Maintenance Manager
  • Jennifer Drysdale Ancillary
  • Murray Phipps Maintenance
  • Carleen Pearson Ancillary
  • Christine Taylor Ancillary
  • Byron McLarence Maintenance
  • Ann-Marie Millwood Ancillary

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