Evangelical Training Association (ETA) Certificate

Basic Information for Enquirers

What is ETA?

ETA stands for Evangelical Training Association. It is a non-profit ministry organization comprised of seminaries, colleges and churches committed to providing quality training resources to the church for equipping volunteers to serve Christ more effectively.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the Evangelical Training Association is to provide programs, materials and services to assist churches in equipping lay leaders for ministry within the local church.

Who is it designed for?

The ETA program is designed for Christians

  • who desire a basic understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith
  • who may not have the finances to obtain a Degree in Theological Education
  • who may not have the time to obtain a Degree in Theological Education
  • who may not have the qualification to pursue a degree in Theological Education
  • who are seeking personal spiritual growth

What are the courses like?

In total there are 16 courses offered which are divided into four major course areas:

  1. Bible and Theology
    1. You and Your Bible
    2. New Testament Survey
    3. Old Testament 1
    4. Old Testament 2
    5. Bible Doctrine 1
    6. Bible Doctrine 2
  2. Ministry Skills
    1. Understanding Teaching
    2. Teaching Techniques
    3. Christian Ethics
    4. Church History
  3. Outreach Skills
    1. Evangelism
    2. Sunday school Administration
    3. Apologetics
  4. Leadership Skills
    1. Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity
    2. Effectively Leading
    3. Understanding People

The ETA Certificate is a year long program. Courses are done in what is called a cycle, the duration of each is six (6) weeks long. There are two courses offered in each cycle and each course is a two hour course making the total number of hours for each course twelve (12) hours. Upon completion of all sixteen (16) courses an ETA certificate will be awarded to each student.

Matriculation to the JTS Degree program

N.B. Depending on how well the student has done and their level of Christian maturity he or she may be considered to pursue a track that can allow the student to obtain a Theology Degree at the Jamaica Theological Seminary.

Course Cycles & Periods

  • Cycle 1- September to October
  • Cycle 2- October to December
  • Cycle 3- January to February
  • Cycle 4- March to April
  • Cycle 5- April to May
  • Cycle 6- May to June
  • Cycle 7-June to July
  • Cycle 8-July to August

N.B. Student may commence program at the beginning of any cycle.

Where & When are classes held?

Classes are held at the Campus of the Jamaica Theological Seminary on a Tuesday and Thursday @ 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. each evening.

What is the cost of the program?

Since ETA is a non-profit ministry organization, the program is very affordable. The first cycle costs approximately $10900.00 and the other cycles thereafter cost approximately $7000.00. Vouchers can be collected at the Accounts Department to make payments.

Academic Staff

The lecturers are mainly past students of the Jamaica Theological Seminary.

Each course carries a course text the cost of which is $500.00. These can be purchased at the Jamaica Theological Seminary’s ETA office.

Admissions and registration

Applicants must provide the following:

  1. Completed official ETA application form (Included in application package)
  2. Recent passport size photograph
  3. Pastoral Recommendation (Included in application package)
  4. Professional recommendation
  5. Written statement of Christian conversion
  6. Relevant application Fee

***Application package can be picked up at the Front desk of the Jamaica Theological Seminary***

Coordinator, ETA Programme
Jamaica Theological Seminary
P.O. Box 121,
14-16 West Avenue, Constant Spring, Kingston 8, Jamaica W.I.

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Tel. # 969-8803/ 969-8211/ 969-1226
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