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Library Policies


  1. All current students, faculty and staff are eligible borrowers.
  2. New students are required to register at the Library Circulation Desk on presentation of valid ID and authorizations cards. Returning students must also present their class authorization cards for the semester before they can borrow books.
  3. Faculty and staff are required to present a valid ID card or other authorization from the relevant department.
  4. Valid ID cards must be presented to the security personnel or staff on duty on entering the Library, and may be required at the Circulation Desk, at other service points or whenever required by the staff. In the absence of an ID, other authorization or notification signed by an official of the institution may be used.
  5. Permission for visitors to use the library is at the discretion of the library management. The permission does not include borrowing books to take out of the library. Use of the library by visitors will attract a fee.


  1. Books from the General Collection can be borrowed for two weeks and may be renewed once for an additional period of one week if not reserved by other clients.
  2. Some materials may not be removed from the library but are restricted to use in the library. These include Reference books (labeled REF); books, journals and materials from the Reserved Book Collection (labeled RBC); materials in the West Indies Collection (labeled W.I.); Periodicals and other special materials.
  3. Clients are responsible for materials on loan to them and must pay for any loss or damage. Fines will be charged for late return of books and other materials.
  4. Under special circumstances, books and other materials may be recalled by the library before they are due for return.
  5. Clients having books overdue or fines owing will have their borrowing privileges revoked until accounts are cleared.
  6. Students must return all books and pay all fines in order to be cleared to sit exams and for graduation.
  7. Repeat violations of the library’s procedures or regulations may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.
  8. In order to ensure that check-out procedures have been complied with, clients leaving the library may be required to show all books in their possession to the security guard or staff on duty.

General Rules

  1. Bags and briefcases are not allowed in the library. Remove all valuables before leaving your bags in the designated area at the entrance to the library.
  2. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the library. Food or drink should not be brought inside.
  3. Cellular phones must be kept on vibrate mode or turned off. Phone conversations should not disturb others but should be engaged in outside of the library.

A Few Do Not's...

  1. Do not re-arrange or remove library furniture – chairs, tables, etc.
  2. Do not re-shelve books and periodicals. Place them neatly on the library table.
  3. Do not mark or deface library books and materials.
  4. Do not repair library books but report repair needs at the Circulation Desk.


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