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Areas & Services

                                                        AREAS AND SERVICES

The Circulation Desk

At the circulation desk, which is located on the main (ground) floor of the library, clients are assisted with general questions about library services and resources, library use and policies as well as the library building. It is the main desk for client services including the registration of clients, loans, receipt and renewal of library materials, and the receipt of library fines and payment for services.

The General Book Collection

This section of the collection is housed in open stacks on the ground and first floors of the library. These books may be borrowed for two weeks and renewed for an additional week if not reserved by other clients.

The Reference Collection (labeled REF)

Reference resources are located on the ground floor and include encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, one-volume Bible commentaries, Bible concordances, lexicons, word studies, atlases, statistical resources, and various versions of the Bible. Materials in this section must be used in the library.

The Reserve Book Collection (labeled RBC)

RBC resources are located on the ground floor in closed stacks in the Circulation Desk area. It includes textbooks and other materials which are in heavy demand or recommended by lecturers. These materials are given on loan for up to three hours to be used in the library. Some may be given on overnight loan or short loan basis.

The West Indian Collection (labeled WI)

This special collection is located on the ground floor in closed stacks in the Circulation Desk area. It contains books and materials written about the West Indies, by West Indians, or published in the Caribbean. Also included in the WI Collection are dissertations and research papers by faculty and students. These materials are given on loan for up to three hours to be used in the library. Overnight or short loans are occasionally granted for some of the materials.

The Periodical Collection

Periodicals are housed on the second floor and are mainly back files of academic journals and other serials and are for use in the library. Access to electronic journals and journal articles is provided through the library’s databases and select links.

Audio-Visuals (Video and Audio Cassettes, DVD’s, CD’s)

This mainly archival collection is not for general loan but for use in the library or for classroom instruction and class presentations. 

The Technical Services Department

Located on the ground floor of the library, the Technical Services Department does the administrative and behind-the scenes work to prepare library resoures for use and to maintain the library’s catalogue and records.


                                                                CLIENT SERVICES

The Library Staff:

 Stands ready to serve and assist all clients including with reference services and user education.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):

Clients can search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) in the library to locate library materials.

Photocopying, Printing, Scanning, Laminating and Spiral Binding Services:

Are available at the DOCU-CENTRE located on the ground floor of the library. The library adheres to the provisions of the Jamaica Copyright Law of 1993.

The following websites provide information regarding copyright and related issues:

Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) - www.jipo.gov.jm
Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency (JAMCOPY) - www.jamcopy.com

Current awareness and thematic displays.

Reading Tables and Study Carrells:

Are located throughout the library to facilitate study and research.


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