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Geraldine Garwood

Geraldine Garwood - Head of Department, Psychology

Geraldine Garwood joined the faculty of the Jamaica Theological Seminary as a full time lecturer in 2012, spearheading the BA Applied Behaviour Analysis Degree. Ms. .Garwood is a Behaviour Analyst who provides evidence-based consulting services, training and therapeutic behaviour modification intervention programs to organizations and individuals of any age who are diagnosed with developmental, emotional and behavioural disorders.  Her passion is to see the Principles of Applied Behaviour analysis (ABA) utilized in the Education and Health sectors of Jamaica in order to enhance the lives of individuals. This passion has driven her in academia where her goal is to impart knowledge and train others in the field of ABA.

Her interest in psychology was discovered while living in the inner city community of Whitfield Town and observing the behaviours of her peers and other community members. She also aspires to develop policies for persons with disabilities and to advocate for ABA to be utilized in all sectors of Jamaica.

Miss Garwood has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of ABA. She attended the Jamaica Theological Seminary where she completed an undergraduate degree in Theology with a minor in Counseling; and moved on to The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she received a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology Applied Behaviour Analysis Specialization. She is a trained Assessor with the National Council on Technical and Vocational Training (NCTVET).  Miss Garwood is currently pursuing a second Masters at Walden University in Public Policy which will take her into a Doctoral Program in that area and a Master of Arts degree in Public Theology at the Jamaica Theological Seminary.

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