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Joan L. Pinkney

Joan Pinkney - Adjunct Lecturer

Joan Pinkney is an Adjunct Lecturer and Counseling Psychologist in the department of Behavioral and Social Sciences since 2001.  Her training in the areas of Psychology and Counseling began with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (emphasis in Guidance and Counseling) at the Jamaica Theological Seminary and continued at the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology where she earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She is currently pursuing a PhD at Oxford Graduate School, Tennessee. Her training and experience also extends to the fields of Administration, Human Resource, General Insurance and Leadership and has been employed at the executive level in these capacities in the corporate world.

She has been an adjunct lecturer in Psychology, Business ethics, Conflict management and Counseling at several other tertiary institutions including The University of the West Indies - School of Nursing, the University College of the Caribbean and the International University of the Caribbean.  She is also an Associate counselor with the Counseling Centre 14 West Avenue, Kingston 10, and a registered Counseling Psychologist with The Family Life Ministries. Joan has served as a practicum supervisor at the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology – Psychology Programme. Mrs.  Pinkney currently holds the position of Manager - Licensing and Membership at The Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency.

She is a writer in the Gleaner - Career and Parenting columns, a noted resource person on  Love 101 Radio Programme: i) The Morning Watch,  ii) The Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting, and is the featured Counselor on   “The Counsellor” aired on Love 101 FM - Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10pm.  Joan is also a member of the Jamaican Psychological Society and an affiliate of the American Psychological Association.

As motivational speaker, lecturer and workshop/seminar facilitator she has written and presented several papers relating to Human Resource management, Psychology and Counseling to include topics such as: parenting, marriage enrichment, retirement, mate selection, managing adolescence, midlife crises, homosexuality and leadership. Joan is the author of three counseling CDs, entitled: (i) WOUNDED (ii) SEXUALITY HEAD-ON (iii) SELF ESTEEM, MY CHILD AND ME. She is currentlywriting her first book on parenting matters which should be published in 2014.

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