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Delano Palmer ThD, MA (Hons), MRE, BA, DipTh

Delano Palmer - Deputy President


Delano Vincent Palmer is the Deputy President of the Seminary; previously he served as Academic Dean, 2009-2012. Delano holds diplomas from the Midland Bible

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Garnett Roper JP., PhD., Th. M, M A (R) B Th.

Garnett Roper - President

Goal: To love mercy, walk humbly and act justly.


Dr Garnett Roper is the President of the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS). He was trained at JTS, 1973-78, Fort Wayne Bible College

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Rev. Teddy Jones

Rev. Teddy Jones - Director of Student Affairs

Born Trinidadian, Naturalized Grenadian, Domiciled Jamaican

Director of Student Affairs
BATH (Hons), MSc (Cand.)

Pastor of Shalom Missionary Church

Director of RENEWED Ministries

JTS Adjunct

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Geraldine Garwood

Geraldine Garwood - Head of Department, Psychology

Geraldine Garwood joined the faculty of the Jamaica Theological Seminary as a full time lecturer in 2012, spearheading the BA Applied Behaviour Analysis Degree. Ms. .Garwood is a Behaviour Analyst

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Dirnella Anderson

Dirnella Anderson - Head of Department, Guidance & Counselling

Ms. Dirnella Anderson joined the team at the Jamaica Theological Seminary in 2007 as the Practicum Coordinator for the Guidance Counselling curricula. Ms. Anderson still serves in this capacity

Blossom White

Blossom White - Head of Department, Sociology & Social Work

Mrs. Blossom White first joined the Seminary as a Lecturer in 1984. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a BSc. In Social Work and an MSc. In Sociology.

Mrs. White is a

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Dr. Jean Lee

Jean Lee - Senior Lecturer

Dr. Jean Lee has been serving at the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS) since 1993, following a two-year missionary stint in the Dominican Republic with the AsociaciÓn Dominicana de Estudiantes

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Barrington Hall

Barrington Hall - Head of Department, Theology & Leadership

Barrington Hall has been serving with the Jamaica Theological Seminary since 2005. He holds a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently in pursuit of a PhD Philosophy

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Jo-Ann Richards

Jo-Ann Richards - Head of Department, Music & Media

Ms. Jo-Ann Richards joined the Jamaica Theological Seminary in this full time capacity on August 7, 2013. Ms. Richards is an author, singer/songwriter and global minister of the gospel, in addition

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Ericia Campbell

Ericia Campbell - Head of Department, Humanities

Miss Erica Christine Campbell has been a lecturer at Jamaica Theological Seminary since 1994 and Head of Department, Humanities since 2002. Prior to that, she taught Spanish and French at Convent

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